Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Other Bridge

Everyone has heard about the Golden Gate Bridge, but the Oakland Bay Bridge is actually much more impressive in so many ways.
First, it's located right downtown so everyone sees it all the time, it opened six months before the Golden Gate Bridge (in 1936), the total span is 3 times longer than GG (at 4.65 miles), it's a double decker and it carries twice the daily traffic load (270,000 cars).

Here's a view from the corner of Emarcadero and Harrison where the cars turn for the approach to the brigde.


  1. You are right ;) I was freaked out the first time I drove over that bridge. It was my first double decker. I was also afraid that there would be an earthquake while I was on it.
    I lived to tell about it.

  2. I think we too are headed for double decker bridges.Its either that or floating bridges.
    Maybe floating brides are easier to fix.
    Nice shot.

  3. You have the BEST nighttime shots! The lighting is so dramatic.

  4. Very well executed and so fun to see! I would love to go out shooting with you guys when next I'm down. There are so many Seattlites out in the streets here at night taking shots and trying to improve their photography chops, it seems pretty normal. I bet it is the same in SF. This turned out super.

  5. You guys get a far better view of the Bay Bridge than we do on this side of the bay. Very nice shot.