Monday, May 17, 2010

San Francisco Chinatown

This is taken on Grant Avenue in San Francisco's Chinatown. Its always so fun to check out the different types of architecture within varied neighborhoods and Chinatown definitely has its own style. Grant Ave is primarily focused on touristy stores pushing all the typical souvenirs. Its fun though, and on my most recent visit with my little yorkie, I stumbled upon the most charming tea house, Cherry Blossom Tea Company.


  1. Beautiful colors and not something I see every day. I'm glad that ethnic and regional styles are still going strong.

  2. Ah, A new blog, how wonderful. I wish you a fantastic experience blogging. Your photos are wonderfully colorful!

  3. I love how you captured this shot. That bright yellow and pink building is newly painted right? I noticed that during the noodle fest. I can't remember the color of its old paint job.

  4. First: thank you so much for your kind compliment to my photography, I'm so glad you liked my blog and for subscribing.

    You have now a new fan too ;))

    Your night shots are stunning and wonderful! And the pictures about SF are excellent. I have visited SF myself some years ago, eat in China Town, drove the cable cars, went to the Japanese gardens and almost missed the bus back to Fisherman's Warf, I was to busy with photographing there ;)

    I loved that city! What about earthquakes there?

    It's nice to meet you and your very nice blog. You're on facebook also? Me too....let's connect there too.


  5. I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident and I am glad I did..I just love that photo on Grant certainly captured the ambiance of China town in that one single now have a devoted follower...thanks for sharing and welcome to cyberspace.

  6. Thank you for stoppin by my blog and leaving a comment. Come again soon.

    When I was in China town one day a young man came running down the side walk and picked up a suitcase that was sitting out side of a store on display and he just kept on running. A little old lady came running out and started yelling after him. I was just to shocked to do anything but watch :(

  7. After seeing this photo I am going to have to make plans to go back. I used to live in Merced CA so it was easy to make quick trips to the city. I do miss it.